Defensive Tactics Training in Muskoka, Parry Sound, Toronto and Areas

As part of our commitment to security, Executive Security Services International Inc. offers defensive tactics training for all active security guards and military and law enforcement personnel. Students are required to bring their duty belt, handcuffs, holster/training firearm. We’ve the expertise to train potential officers from Huntsville, Muskoka, North Bay, Parry Sound, Gravenhurst, Toronto, Barrie, London, Burk’s Falls, Ontario and other areas.

PPCT Training Course

The Pressure Point Control Tactics course is the first subject control system that adopts the legal, tactical, and medical research approach to system design. This 3-day course was originally developed for correctional agencies, or to have an impact on existing defensive tactics and weapon systems. The course is broken down into areas, from controlling low-level resistance with fingertip touch pressure to nerve pressure points and controlling high-level resistance through a defensive counter strike and baton that creates motor dysfunctions and controlled stuns.

Course Goals

There are certain goals for this defensive tactics training program, including:

  • To examine survival learning research and design methods for subject control systems

  • To identify the primary and secondary striking targets

  • To identify the medical implications of targets

  • To identify the PPCT Fluid Shock Wave Principle, a system of striking that enhances subject control

  • To teach the PPCT Collapsible Baton/Impact Weapon striking system

  • To teach the recommended PPCT methods of de-escalation

Course Topics

We cover a variety of topics in this defensive tactics training course such as:

Survival Learning Research
This unit examines research from educational psychology, motor learning science and neurobiology, and applies the research to the design of use of force systems. It also explains about why simple gross motor skills and systems with few techniques are more compatible to use of force training.

PPCT Control Principles
The foundation of the PPCT training programs is based upon a series of training principles. This unit examines the PPCT Force Continuum, principles of control, survival reaction time, and tactical positioning.

Pressure Point Control Tactics
The primary goal of this program is to effectively teach the security guards/corrections or police officers about how to control subjects as little as 2 pounds of finger touch pressure to selected pressure points on the head and neck. The application of these pressure points is to control low-level resistance.

Defensive Counterstrikes
The defensive counterstrikes unit teaches reflexive reaction (blocks, hand strikes and kicks) to a physical attack when impact weapons or firearms are not appropriate.

The PPCT Impact Weapon System
The training from this unit can be deployed with a traditional straight baton, riot baton or a collapsible, telescoping baton. This effective system employs the use of nerve motor points as targets, instead of joints and bones that decreases the potential of creating connective tissue damage and bone fractures.

We Can Come to Your Location

Our instructor can come to your location. We require a minimum of 10 students for the training, and the cost is $399.00 per student, plus tax (HST). Students are required to bring their own Duty Belt, Handcuffs, and Baton. Contact Mr. Sunil Ram, Certified PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor and Surveillance/Pistol/VIP Security Instructor at 705-788-1957 or

Executive Protective Training

From VIP training to defensive tactics training programs, we offer realistic and relevant executive protection training programs at your need. We can also come to your location.a


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